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recent additions


A reference design for a Next Generation USB variable power supply has just been released!


USB Variable Power Supply (Version 2)


We also recently released these designs:


USB UART Analyzer


USB Variable Power Supply


I2C Protocol Converter


USB Serial Port LED controller




At Pacificware, we're always considering applications we develop for general availability. Listed below are the most recently posted. The rest can be accessed on our Downloads page.


Computer Lockout for Kids




Serial Port Script

coming soon


Source files for these applications will be posted soon:




Periodic Power Monitor

About Pacificware

Pacificware specializes in Application Development and Embedded Software Solutions. We have been developing Visual Studio application since it was called Visual C++ 6.0. We continue to use Visual Studio for C/C++ and C# application development. We leverage open source and custom libraries to provide complete solutions customized to your application.


We are also embedded software experts with a focus on DSPs and signal processing but with an aptitude to help with any embedded processor. We have a full set of cross-compilers like IAR, Microchip, Code Composer and others. We also have a full suite of development boards and some of our own recently developed boards.


Software Development is performed in C, C++, VB, Perl, .NET, and many other languages. Our system debug skills are excellent! We have mastered many 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit embedded processors. We thoroughly understand DSP and have solved many real-world DSP problems. Matlab is our main tool for signal processing software development. We have excellent resources for your digital signal processing software and hardware architecture and have most recently focused our energy on low-power, especially with ARM cores and DaVinci.


DSP Block DiagramDSP Processor Expertise













Embedded Processor Block DiagramEmbedded Processor Expertise







Alliance with other Professional Engineers

Product design is a complex process. Pacificware has direct experience with the following hardware concepts or an alliance with a partner company that can provide:

Whether you need an individual contributor or a complete project team, you always get the combined knowledge and interdisciplinary experience of our entire company. That’s the benefit of working with Pacificware. We have accumulated a rich experience base that will be applied to every challenge we face while developing your product.


The Process

A cost-effective product design comes from the combinations of creative freedom and engineering discipline. Start the process now by exploring our website to see examples similar to the problems you face. Get a feel for the capabilities we’ve acquired while solving problems for companies such as:

  • Adaptive Digital Tech.
  • Alfa Thermodynamics
  • Audience
  • Black Diamond Video
  • Casabi
  • CoachComm
  • D2M, Inc.
  • DSP Research
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Jetstream Communications
  • Octel Communications
  • Proteus Biomedical
  • ShoreTel
  • SpeedInfo
  • Summit Technology
  • Texas Instruments
  • Vertical Networks
  • World Energy Labs