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recent additions


A reference design for a Next Generation USB variable power supply has just been released!


USB Variable Power Supply (Version 2)


We also recently released these designs:


USB UART Analyzer


USB Variable Power Supply


I2C Protocol Converter


USB Serial Port LED controller




At Pacificware, we're always considering applications we develop for general availability. Listed below are the most recently posted. The rest can be accessed on our Downloads page.


Computer Lockout for Kids




Serial Port Script

coming soon


Source files for these applications will be posted soon:




Periodic Power Monitor

Serial Port Script


This is a robust multithreaded scripting application for communication with devices over designated serial ports (virtual or otherwise). The application compiles under Visual Studio C++ 2008. It includes onscreen logging as well as file-logging (an essential part of any application development). The full source is available here for free: GPL License.


We have found Inno Setup to be an invaluable tool for installing applications. An Inno Setup script is provided as well to install the application in the designated location on a potential client’s computer.


This application and installation script is an example of a product that Pacificware can quickly produce for a client as a test harness to reduce test time, or automate testing to help test feature sets or isolate product defects.


Required Files:


Serial Script Tester


Serial Script 2


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